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Fakultät Kunst- und Sportwissenschaften
Heike Jenss, Viola Hofmann (Hg.)

Fashion and Materiality.

Fashion and Materiality © Silke Wawro​/​TU Dortmund

Cultural Practices in Global Contexts

Fashion is intimately tied to the material world. With a focus on diverse cultural practices, this book offers new insights into the dynamic relationships between fashion, bodies, and material culture. In a series of original case studies, both historical and contemporary, the collection explores how fashion and clothing affect articulations of body and self, experiences of time and place, and the shaping of social and local/global relationships.

With chapters from leading international scholars, Fashion and Materiality takes the reader from the study of clothing and biography, and an early modern “foreign dress” collection, to Chinoiserie clothing in 18th-century Europe and fast fashion production in today’s China. The book also examines fashion’s role in nation building, and entanglements between fashion and migration across clothing donations for Syrian refugees in Germany and the circulation of “refugee chic” on international fashion runways. Scrutinizing the dense connections between fashion, clothing, materiality, and humanity, the book shows how the material interacts forcefully with the personal and political.

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2019, 298 Seiten
ISBN 978-1-350-05781-4 (hardback), £ 76,50
ISBN 978-1-3500-5784-5 (online), £ 61,20
ISBN 978-1-350-05782-1 (epdf), £ 61,20